Review Stage 2: Synthesis and Assessment Country report


Party: MD

Submission year: 2010

The aim of this test is to identify instances of dips, jumps, and sudden trends in time series data reported by countries.  Only data in NFR02 or NFR09 reporting format were analyzed, and data for which at least three years were reported. In case of a mixture of the reporting formats across the timeseries (e.g. only 2008 was reported in NFR09 and the rest of the time series is available only in NFR02) we converted all years where only NFR02 sectors are available to NFR09 and show only the converted sectors in the time series analysis.

The table below shows data, where outliers in the time series were identified based on the following methodology:
Reported time series data were log 10-transformed prior to analysis to reduce intra-series variability and improve general time series linearity. A linear regression was subsequently applied to the log-transformed values for each time series.

An individual value within the time series was identified as a dip/jump if the respective residual value (regression forecast value - reported value) was greater than 2 standard deviations from the mean of all residuals within the time series. Only time series where the flagged data value contributed a significant fraction (>3%) of the national total for the given year are included in this dataset for expert review.

Time series where sigma grow largely (i.e. larger than 20% of the time series mean value) because of extreme variation in the emission data are also flagged. Zero values indicate small numbers rounded to zero.


The test was performed for the following time series (if data was available):

Main pollutants:

1990 – 2008

HMs and POPs:

1990 – 2008


2000 – 2008


Color Key


 Indicates a dip in the time series data


 Indicates a jump in the time series data


 Indicates time series data with large sigma

MAIN (Unit = Mg)
NOx1A2a5053         354023514511726470500  
NMVOC1A2e79         2860376539641116195544 22
NMVOC2A123000         1110143574400880333  
NMVOC4F1340            89106334703461 1899
SOx1A2fi          270340213  10735 2818
NH34F1273             1010101058 723
CO2C5e7110            49010000230733  

PM (Unit = Mg)
PM2.51A2fi262025  2112 226
PM2.51A4bi840519180270131913546 1892
PM2.54F   227115654 1658
PM104F   540676665 1748
TSP4F   1545199493 1748

HM (Unit = g)
Pb1A1a4940000         15800032100030000100085000184000191000 12000
Pb1A2fi          7000150008000  25430002153000 415000
Pb1A3bi200820000         167000022090002144000129000910009000095000  
Pb1A4ai1245000         265000235000265000406000234000245000267000 214000
Pb1A4bi3792000         650000524000754000714000574000626000708000 382000
Pb1A4bii35872000            120000181000192000959000 171000
Pb2A1460000         4400032000560005100088000128000213000  
Pb2C5e1000000            9060000100000010070004000  
Pb4F             28000  340000 261000
PbNATIONALTOTAL248550000220264000102567000711990002316100033898000278990002235700078980001120700028180003352900328400010553000228000050590004975000 3537000
Cd1A1a1673000         9400045000400023000200020004000 30000
Cd1A2a284000            3000100001100012000  
Cd1A4ai114000         220002200016000030001800050006000 5000
Cd1A4bii1000            2000370003000  2000
Cd2C5e40000            350004000400003000  
CdNATIONALTOTAL2419000349300016930001415000819000594000659000364000328000148000173000114000226000122000114000145000158000 174000
Hg1A2a297000         10002000100010000120001300014000  
Hg1A2fi          700090001000  1100011000 172000
Hg1A4ai187000         380003600021000050000290003200032000 13000
Hg1A4bi465000         800006300091000900007200075000104000 11000
Hg2A1230000         2200016000280002600044000640001000  
HgNATIONALTOTAL33710003810000329000018490001287000894000954000571000406000180000259000226000392000340000323000244000217000 306000

POP (Unit = mg)
HCBNATIONALTOTAL1044000         6608001020900748800130000255000101280008631000 151000